Exocad Design Services

Exocad design is a well-known for its ease-of-use and quick operation. This exocad design software is unsurpassed in stability and reliable operation, valued by 1000’s of technicians around the world. This software works reliably and is capable of quickly processing large amounts of data. Whether you want to have exocad smile design, exocad crown design, exocad implant design or a complete reconstruction of an upper jaw, the speed will be maintained. Exocad design is a powerful software solution specifically designed for the lab.  From easy mass production to complex customized solutions, everything corresponds to things.

The exocad design services workflow from scanning to finished restoration is guided exocad designer. Once the user has selected the end product, whether it is exocad smile design, exocad crown design, exocad implant design or an implant restoration the steps are guided by exocad designer. Very complex multi-unit cases can be designed with surprising ease and flexibility.


Exocad design based software has most of the functionality for doing crown and bridge work.  We can use exocad design services, including exocad smile design, exocad crown design, exocad implant design to create beautiful individual and functional restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays, temporary restorations, primary telescopes, bars, secondary constructions. For other functionality like implant and dental bar design,  exocad design offers additional functionality that can be purchased as add-on modules. The add-on modules are quick and easy to install and the license will reside on your exocad design services.

The exocad design, including exocad smile design, exocad crown design, exocad implant design software is so versatile, intuitive enough for our entry level designers to quickly get to grips with, while powerful enough for our veteran CAD designers and their most complex cases. Designing everything by exocad designer from crowns and bridges, bite splints, RPDs to implants and bars, the user interface of exocad design brings dentistry to life with its realistic rendering and practical tools.


We are your professional exocad design partner in digitalizing your dental clinic or laboratory

exocad designer comprehensive software solutions provide the tools to quickly react to the fast-moving dental industry.  Dental experts choose exocad designer including exocad smile design, exocad crown design and exocad implant design, for a variety of reasons:

Improved proficiency via faster workflows

Save time by working with high-performance exocad designer software that runs robustly, even when dealing with large and complex cases. Quick response timesand optimal usability of exocad designer software, including features on exocad smile design, exocad crown design and exocad implant design, help speed up your daily work It’s easy to use and to reach your high expectations.  Your complex procedures can become more simple and efficient by our experience exocad designer working closely with dental professionals like yourself, creating more accessible dental software for the digital age.  It’s easy to use and to reach your high expectations

Reliability you can trust

You can rely on our exocad designer to create software that you will continue to appreciate and profit from.  Exocad designer software, including features on exocad smile design, exocad crown design and exocad implant design, has proven its stability time and time again, because the system always pay the greatest attention to quality and to detail. Our reliable exocad designer will follow any updates provide new possibilities that are always driven by your needs.

Independent & innovative

Exocad designer software puts you at the forefront of innovation. Since its foundation in 2010, our dedicated exocad designer has consistently developed state-of-the-art innovations for the dental industry. As the independent and hardware-neutral technology provider, our goal is to push the limits of digital dentistry through software solutions.

Truly future-proof

We’re the dental CAD/CAM software exocad design services provider with the widest choice of integrated solutions using third-party scanners, mills, printers, and materials. And our exocad design services always open to new ideas, ready to support today’s and tomorrow’s best solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements



Exocad Smile design software takes a digital approach to aesthetic dentistry. The aesthetic planning of the patient’s treatment is essential to achieve the desired outcome. With the upcoming Exocad Smile Design module, our exocad designer provides an easy solution for aesthetic planning that leads to more predictable results.

Exocad Smile design has great Robustness, it easy acceleration of daily workflows. Support of flexible business models and continuously improved software security are just a few and what makes a good smile?


There are a few points our exocad designer takes into consideration during evaluation:

Visibility: ideally, 100% of the central and lateral upper incisors and canines should be visible.

Color: a healthy teeth color should be white with some gradient in shade.

Shape: for an attractive smile, the central incisors are the most important teeth to consider in their shape. It is important to think about the size and proportion of every tooth to the other. The teeth’ shape should be suitable to the face’s dimensions.

Gum visibility: a perfect smile has less than 3mm between the top of the teeth and the upper lip bottom.

Exocad crown design process using computer-aided design and manufacturing software with the Carestream system, including the following aspects

(A) Selection of teeth to be restored;

(B) numerical values as parameters

(C) design of margins and insertion axes;

(D) crown selection from the proposed library;

(E) crown modeling;

(F) crown alignment for milling.



Using whitening and veneers to fix unattractive teeth with problems in size and shape. To establish a good baseline color for any cosmetic dentistry procedure, whitening can be done at first.

Straightening misaligned teeth, either crowded or crooked can be straightened before undergoing any cosmetic dental procedure.

Replacing any number of missing teeth, even if the whole mouth teeth are missing. They can be replaced by healthy, natural-looking teeth that can last for a lifetime.

Adjusting patient’s teeth to be at the ideal size and position to fit with his facial proportion.

Exocad implant design is specially for designing of abutments and screw-retained bridges.  With exocad‘s implant module, the exocad implant design of custom abutments is easy and straightforward. When designing bridges on custom abutments, the software will ensure that all abutments holding the bridge will have the same insertion axis.  For Screw-retained bridges, the design of screwretained bridges, crowns and copings by our exocad designer also becomes an easy task. Take advantage of our advanced screw channel design, to simplify subsequent ceramic layering and to minimize risk of chipping.


Regarding implant libraries, it has already included exocad’s implant module ships with an extensive set of implant libraries, both for usage of titanium bases and for designing one-part abutments or screw retained bridges.


Moreover, high productivity and process reliability Custom abutments and superstructure can be designed together in a single CAD session by our Exocad implant design.  Since milling parameters for both abutment and superstructure are correctly considered during the design phase, optimal fitting is possible when producing all parts in one go – without the intermediate step of rescanning the produced abutment in order to design the superstructure. It’s your choice whether you mill in-house or send out your files for production. A wide range of in-house milling systems are supported and leading production centers will accept files written by exocad design services software.