Crown / Bridge Design

Crown / Bridge Design

Full Contour Zirconia Crowns (Solid Zirconia)’ are CAD/CAM milled zirconia restorations which is stained glazed for natural anatomy effects with no layered ceramic. The flexural strength of 600 mpa provides high strength and durability whilst being effective with minimal inter occlusal space. it’s a cost-effective solution as there is no alloy charge and is up to 60% translucent at 0.5-1mm thickness.

Full contour zirconia crown is scanned and designed in 3D, which gives accurate and clearly defined parameters with the prepared tooth, margins, contact areas and occlusion captured precisely and locked for the design process. Our technicians will then be able customize any areas of concern within the parameters and design the full contoured crown with natural anatomy from the locked parameters.

The full contour crown is then CAD/CAM milled in-house from a pre-shaded zirconia blank. Once milled, It is then fitted to a working model and a solid model to minimize variables. Once fitted, it is stained and glazed for natural anatomy effects. The restoration is then quality controlled for fit, aesthetics, occlusion, contact areas and margins.

‘S-D-S’ is a full design service lab we are working with dental lab, milling machine and dental clinic, its best solution in digital equipment to accommodate digital dentistry services which are scanned directly from analogue (plaster) models or digitally sent to us from the leading intra-oral scanners from any Dentist around the world instantly (3m, Sirona, Planscan, Trios, iTero, Carestream)

Full-contour zirconia is so versatile, it can be used in almost any situation from singles, full contour bridges, copings, frameworks, retainers, custom implant abutments, hybrid bridges and layered ceramic crowns. with any combination of abutments and pontics, inlay and screw-retained implants. Also, an esthetic alternative to a PFM with metal occlusion due to limited space.

Technical features:
Zirconia is a biocompatible material and has a flexural strength of 600 mpa. It’s available in traditional ‘Vita Shades’ and is up to 60% translucent at 1mm thickness.