All on 4 Design

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having one or several missing teeth, whether that has been due to disease or perhaps to an accident, you may suffer from great frustration and loss of confidence, you could consider dental implants for all on 4 implants with

3Shape. All on 4 implant design is the quickest and most affordable way to restore full functionality from missing teeth.

Happiness begins with a smile.   A full set of natural-looking teeth is assuredly in your future, and with the all on 4 implant design with 3shape, you can be confident that your smile will definitely be back in style!

What is all on 4 implants with 3Shape?

all on 4 implant design with 3shape implants are a full set of implants that are designed to replace an entire arch of teeth using only 4 implant screws. They are a permanent set of teeth set on dental implants and surgically placed into your jaw. They are often a more permanent and natural looking alternative to dentures.  These titanium metal posts work as the roots of the new prosthetic teeth that are fixed on top of the implants.

Advantages of 3shape with all on 4 design

Improve the success rate of dental implants. The traditional full-mouth dental implant technology is facing serious cases, and the implant needs to be placed on the atrophied bone and loose bone, so the success rate will be reduced. The all on 4 implant design with 3 shape technology increases the success rate of difficult implants due to the use of oblique implants, which can lock more tightly to the bone.

Use your teeth right away.

In our clinic with mature and stable technology, dentures can be used on the same day as the all on 4 implant design operation, and the results of the operation can be immediately known. Compared with the traditional full-mouth dental implant technology, after the implant is embedded in the bone, it takes about 6 months to heal, and it is necessary to wear movable dentures or endure missing teeth in the middle.

Avoid bone augmentation risks

The longer the teeth are missing, the more severe the bone atrophy. General clinics will recommend bone replacement surgery first and wait for more than half a year. However, bone replacement surgery has many risks, and the success rate is not as high as that of dental implant surgery. If it fails, the bone must be replaced. 3shape all on 4 design does not need to fill the bone first, and implant surgery can be performed immediately.

Cost savings. For the case of full mouth implants that cost millions in the past, 10 to 20 teeth were implanted in one mouth; while all on 4 implant design with 3 shape only needed about half the cost to complete the reconstruction.

Dentures are beautifully designed

When teeth are lost for a long time, the cheeks are sunken. Traditional full-mouth dental implants can make teeth that are too long or too short. Because of the gingival main body, all on 4 implant design with 3 shape the lost gingival part, which is more beautiful than traditional implants.

Easy to clean and maintain

In general dental implants, the remaining periodontal teeth are preserved as much as possible. Therefore, after the reconstruction is completed, there will be many teeth of different lengths in the mouth, and it will be very difficult to thoroughly clean and brush the teeth in such a situation. After reconstruction with all on 4 implant design with 3 shape technology, only four implants will need cleaning.


All on 4 implant design with 3 shape is an excellent option for people who want full-arch replacements and a confident smile.  You may contact our professional experts for more advice.



All on 4 implant design with 3 shape dental implant surgery is actually similar to most tooth extractions or general dental implants. After local anesthesia, there is not much feeling, only slight vibration. Only in some cases, a special bone trimming step will be performed. The vibration generated by this step will be greater than that of the implantation step. Therefore, if the patient is in a state of rest, it will be relatively stress-free for the patient’s body and mind.


Generally, most of the clinics, considering that the operation time is relatively long, will perform sleep-free dental implant surgery, and will use the method of falling asleep to achieve the effect of painless surgery.

The recovery after dental implant surgery is generally about 3 to 5 days after the peak swelling period, and there will be a slight swelling and pain. If the physician uses minimally invasive techniques, there will be no significant pain after surgery. Unless the operation is very long, or there is a mild infection, there will be no significant pain after the operation.

In terms of daily care of All on 4, since you can start chewing within a few days after the operation, a small number of people will overuse their teeth and start eating and drinking. It should be noted that the bones have not fully healed at this stage. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use nibbling to slowly chop food to avoid dental implant failure!